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Utah RV Rentals has been in business since 1984. Our motto is, PLEASE THE CUSTOMERS BY KEEPING THEM HAPPY, BEING HONEST AND THEY the CUSTOMERS WILL KEEP COMING BACK FOR MANY MORE RENTALS TO COME. By following this motto, we have grown from one pop-up tent trailer to over 50 RV company owned units in our fleet. We pride ourselves with the latest models, clean, and the best quality in RV’s. We also have added Motorhomes and accessories to please our devoted customers.

Utah RV Rentals began with a pregnant wife, (our mother) who was camping at Yellowstone with her young family. She got stuck in a tent and could not get out to run to the restroom (out house) because the zipper was stuck. Because she was almost ready to throw up, the only thing she could do is continue to hit her husband (dad) until he awoke and somehow was able to get the door open. From that point on Mom would never go camping again in an old rundown tent that sat on the ground. It was not until dad purchased something that would get her off the ground and where she could have a little more convenience.

The next year, dad wanted to take his two kids and visit Southern Utah. But to his surprise his wife still remembered the awful time she had the previous year before in Yellowstone. She said, I am not going anywhere unless we could rent, buy, or steal a trailer to use. So dad went out looking and
could not find anything except an expensive trailer that he thought she would be happy with. But being a young family they could not afford it. Then an idea popped into dads head as they often do, why not buy one and let his family use it and charge them a small fee. He did so, but thought why not open it up to his friends. From there it was open up to all those great people he could trust. And here we are today after 39 years of service, we are here to serve you.

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