Camping in Utah

Posted on May 7

Growing up camping was an important part of life. I spent a considerable amount of time outdoors and particularly in southern Utah. My parents felt that gaining a healthy appreciation for the great outdoors was something vital to my development and I will be forever grateful to them.

Appreciating God’s creations has brought me continued joy through my life and now means even more to me as I take my children out to enjoy it. Let me share a few reasons why camping in Utah is a central point in my life and why it can change your life to if you give it a try.

A Connection to Something Bigger

Our lives grow more hectic every day. Whether it is trying to get ahead in the office our trying to keep up with your creative friend on Pinterest. Our daily activities narrow our focus and limit us from our true potential. These daily tasks often overwhelm us and make forget who we really are. Camping in Utah gives you an escape and meaning.

Rounding the final corner on the hike to Delicate Arch gives you a sense of awe that will make anyone forget that last email from your boss. Feeling the accomplishment of reaching the top of Angel’s Landing can wipe away any “keeping up with the Joneses” envy. Wading through the blue water of Bear Lake with the sand in your toes clears your mind from daily frustrations.

Connecting to something bigger reminds you of what is really important and there is nothing bigger than the landscapes in Utah to put you in the right place.

Disconnecting from Everything Else

Some people may think this as a bad thing, but cell phone coverage in Utah is spotty at best once you get off the main highways. Take a look at all those maps that cell phone companies advertise they don’t really like to talk too much about coverage in most of Utah for a reason. Now you could whine about missing out on missing out on all those videos labeled “you’ll never guess what happened next” or you could make some memories that really matter.

Seriously, putting some distance between you and the digital world can be exactly what you need. After every Utah camping trip I come back more relaxed and ready to get back to work. It is the perfect escape to clear your mind.

Connecting with Others

Camping in Utah gives you an excellent chance to build relations through amazing adventures. Sharing something bigger together and disconnecting from the digital world gives you the chance to connect with the ones you love.

I have four small children, my favorite part of camping is watching them experience something new. Whether it is trying to catch a lizard or eating an apple in the orchards at Capital Reef National Park. Watching them have new discoveries fulfills me and builds important lasting memories that draw us closer.

The digital world is always talking about connections, but it is time that we focused on connecting with something that matters. Get out their and give it a try. Camping in Utah will give you the connections that really matter.

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