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What is your "Know Before You Go" page on this website?

This is a great source of information about options and policies that most people want to know. We highly recommend reading our "Know Before You Go" page before making your reservation or booking your rental.

Do I need to bring my own power cord to plug in the rental unit?

Each unit will be equipped with a 25 foot 30 Amp power cord. A 110 adaptor is also included in the rental.

How do I know If my vehicle can pull the trailer?

The weight of the trailer is specified under the model on our website or you can contact our office for more information. This is an unloaded weight of the trailer and does not include water or personal items. It is recommended to allow 500-1000 lbs from the trailer weight to your vehicles tow weight capacity. (You can find the towing capacity of your vehicle in your owner's manual, or you can contact the manufacturer.)

Do rental units have air conditioning?

-Motor homes have air conditioner units. In order to run the air conditioner you need to run the generator or have electrical hookups.
-Travel trailers have air conditioner units. In order to run the air conditioner you will need a 4000 watt generator or electrical hookups.
-Tent trailers DO NOT have air conditioner units.

Does my campsite need full hook ups?

No. It will make your camping experience a lot more convenient, but is not a necessity.
Travel trailers and tent trailers are equipped with propane and batteries to function without an outside power source. If you are wanting to use the air conditioner, microwave, T.V.'s, or the outlet's then you might want a campsite will full hookups. All trailers are 30 amp.

How long will the battery last without charging it?

This question is hard to answer because every rental is different. Different units, different locations, different families. On average the battery should last a few days. But, if you use the heater the battery could drain much faster.

Do I need to purchase special toilet paper?

Yes, If you use toilet paper from your house it may clog the toilet and cause backups.  It needs to be 100% biodegradable, rapid dissolving, and septic system safe.  We also recommend using chemical.  It helps clear out the pipes and eliminate odor

Do I need to dump the waste tanks on the rental unit before returning?

You can dump the unit before returning or we can do it for you upon return. There is a $25.00 dumping fee. The waste dump is included in most cleaning packages.

Can I tow something behind the motor home?

Yes, there is a towing charge of $75, this fee is due to the wear and tear it causes to the vehicle. Unit being towed must be under 5000 lbs. Renter must provide the tow dolly.

Do the rental units come with any kitchen or linen supplies?

Rentals do not include kitchen or linen supplies. We offer Kitchen and Linen kits as additional extras. Check our "Know Before You Go" page or "Optional Extras" for list of what is included in kits and pricing. You can also call the office with questions on kits.

Do you deliver/pickup?

We can deliver and pickup rental units. Pickup/delivery need to be scheduled in advance and are subject to availability. Call the office to get pricing and check availability.

Do you require an equalizer hitch or a break control on my vehicle?

We recommend an equalizer or break control on travel trailers and toy haulers, but do not require it.

Do tent trailers come with a porta potty?

Porta potty is available by request only. We have a limited number so it is recommended you reserve it ahead of time.

How long will it take me to pick up the rental?

Plan on about 45 minutes to check-in and walk through the rental unit.

What size of ball do I need?

Most travel trailers take a 2 5/16" ball with the exception of some Sonic trailers that take 2" ball.
All tent trailers take a 2" ball.
Correct size balls are available at Utah RV Rentals and can be rented for $15 per trip.

Does the travel trailer have a generator?

The trailers do not come with the generator, but we do have them to rent. (information under "Know Before You Go")

Do rental units have awnings?

Motorhomes, travel trailers and toy haulers have awnings.
Tent trailers do not come with awnings but you can rent one for $25. Limited number available, book in advance.

Do rental units have a TV inside?

All motorhomes have televisions inside the unit.
Most trailers have televisions, but we do not guarantee a television in trailers.
Tent trailers do not have televisions.

Can I drop off on a Sunday?

We are closed on Sundays. You can drop off on Sunday but there is a Sunday return fee of $150. Return time is 9 AM.

Can my vehicle charge the battery on the trailer?

If your vehicle is wired for it correctly it will charge the batteries but it is a slow trickle charge. We recommend being plugged into a power source at campsite or using a generator to charge the batteries.

Can I return my rental earlier than the return date? Can I extend my rental past the return date?

Utah RV Rentals does not credit for early returns. Please let us know before picking the rental unit up if you are needing to change your dates. We understand that things might happen resulting in an early return. Please contact Utah RV Rentals as soon as possible to discuss your options.

We understand that some times you might need or want to extend your rental. Please call as soon as you decide you are needing to do this and we can check availability. Please note: During our peak season it may be harder to extend a rental.

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